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About Us

Litter on a beach

Our Story

The inspiration for CareCapsules came after working remotely for a year in some truly beautiful locations: Cozumel, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Joshua Tree, and Aruba. Because these trips were in the middle of the pandemic, we did mostly outdoor activities, like hiking or enjoying the beach. 

But we noticed a troubling pattern: wherever there was a scenic vista to enjoy, there was also a whole lot of junk on the ground. 

Helping clean up was never a great experience: touching the litter was kinda gross, and we struggled with what to do with it once we picked it up. After all, if there was a trash can nearby, people probably wouldn’t have littered in the first place. We ended up throwing most trash in our backpacks with our clean things or stuffing it into our pockets  (ew, right?), and there were other pieces of trash we just wouldn’t touch (use your imagination🤢)

So we thought there must be a better way—which is why we invented CareCapsules.™

Meet the Team

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